Vendor Inquiries

Vendor Inquiries

To submit your brand for a direct partnership with Herdzco Supplies, please email us your product catalog in an excel format with the following fields per item at

  • UPC
  • Product name
  • Wholesale price
  • MAP 
  • MSRP
  • ASINS associated with Amazon (if applicable)
  • Your best offer price

Along with the excel document, please provide the following in your initial email:

Company Business Details
   Official (Legal) Company Name
   Brand Name (DBA Name)
   Official Company's Address

Contact Information
   Title / Position
   Phone Number
   Email Address

Company Specifics
   Year company was established
   Year company started selling products
   Product Category / Classification  
   Do you have your brand trademarked?

   What is the mission of your brand?
   What makes your brand different/unique from competitors in the category?
   Who are your biggest competitors?
   What are the top 3 brands you most aspire to?
   What is your target demographic?
   Is your brand a local, regional or nationally recognized brand?
   What countries are you approved to sell in? (List all that apply)

Product Specifics
   Are your products shelf-stable?
   What is the shelf-life of your product with the shortest shelf life? 
   If your products expire, are the expiration dates visible on the packaging?
   Do any of your products require FDA Approval?
   If your products require FDA Approval, have you received the approvals?
   Are any of your products considered HazMat?
   How many SKUs are in your catalog?

Digital Media Details
   Official Website (link)
   Facebook (link)
   Instagram (links for all official handles)
   Twitter (links for all official handles)
   Pinterest (link)
   Tiktok (link)

Sales Channels
   Do you sell D2C on your own website?
   Where online are you selling? (List all that apply)
   Which brick-and-mortar stores are selling your products? (List all that apply)

   How did you find us? / Who referred you to us?