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Casali Silk Half Soles

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The opaque surface makes it suitable to both elegant and casual shoes.
Extremely refined, it is lightweight, soft and resistant to abrasion.


Why Casali half soles and heels are a must for those working on the shoes?
The Casali product line of universal half soles and Men’s heels are manufactured with a compound which is superior to rubber, is easy to work with and facilitates trimming.

With primer:
Practical and convenient. Completely eliminating the need to roughen the surface! Warming the pre-treated sole will help adhesion and you can use polyurethane or neoprene glue, as preferred.

Rapid Mounting

Minimal amount of time for glueing preparation. Thanks to the already-applied primer, there is no need to prepare soles and heels, just apply a neoprene or polyeurothane glue.

High-tech Material

The half soles and heels are TPU modified, with the addition of elastomers, in order to achieve technical and aesthetic similarities to vulcanized rubber, only better! Easily millable and easy to work with unlike regular TPU.


The characteristics of the material don’t change due to extreme cold or heat, unlike vulcanized rubber.


The compound is approximately 15% lighter than normal compact TPU.


The new compound is more elastic with an higher grip resistance than compact TPU compounds.


The abrasion resistance is 50 (+10) mm3 (dIN 53516)


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