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Vibram #7279 Dupla Soling Sheet

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Made in Italy
Type of construction: Sheet
Type of material: Rubber
Type of use:
Repair&Orthopaedics - Sheets for orthopedic repairs & build-up app.
Lifestyle - Travel
Lifestyle - Casual
Lifestyle - Fashion
Sheet Dimension: 21 x 17 in
Sizes: 060 mm
Sheet in dual compact rubber. Vibram multidirectional DUPLA design, dimensions 56x42 cm. Ideal for die-cutting heels. Thanks to the double compound, which unites the values of excellent resistance to abrasion (pattern side) and the rigid layer which favors the gluing of the heel onto the shoe (carded side), Dupla is an indispensable product for the modern shoemaker.                                                                               
  • We stock sheets from USA and ITALY
  • #1 selling top lifting sheet worldwide


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