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Atsko Sno Seal Waterproof Wax Tub 7 oz

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Atsko Sno Seal All-Season Waterproof

Sno-Seal original beeswax waterproofing protects the leather from rain, sun, snow, and salt. It prevents water from penetrating leather because: its surface coating fills the follicles of the leather, and it soaks deep into the grain of the leather, where snow, rain, grass, or dirt cannot affect it.

  • Preserves and lengthens the life of the leather
  • Does not interfere with the natural breathability of the leather
  • Is extremely resistant to salt stains and spotting
  • No softening effect on heel counters or box toes, important in order to maintain fit, form, and support
  • Maintains flexibility at 0-degree temperatures and does not crack during continual flexibility of the leather
  • Does not deteriorate like animal fats (mink oil, lanolin, etc).
  • Contains no silicone

Comes with 1 Tub of waterproof wax

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