Baby Infant Toddler Helmet No Bump Safety Head Cushion Bumper Bonnet Adjustable Protective Cap Child Safety Headguard Hat for Running Walking Crawling Safety Helmet for Kid

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  • Parents need to be extra careful while babies start crawling or walking. They tend to move curiously to explore the house, however often fall down in their early stages of walking or crawling. Frequent tripping and falling might hurt their head in a harmful manner. Prevent babies from hurting their heads by making them wear our Toddlers Anti-collision Protective Hat.

This Protective Hat has a circular border that perfectly fits the head joined with triangular straps that further provides safety to the entire sensitive head against falls. It is made of a smooth cotton fabric and is fully padded with a sponge material inside that makes it super soft and provides a cushioning effect when babies collide with hard floors or walls. It prevents bumps and bruises when babies are hyperactive and knock into walls or hard floors. The Hat is designed in a hollow manner that makes it breathable and allows air ventilation making it comfortable. Hence, kids do not feel suffocated while wearing it. The Hat is secured by an adjustable thin bind under the chin similar to a helmet. It motivates children to keep on trying and builds their confidence to learn to walk without any fear of bumps and bruises even if they fall down. It is available in 25 designs that give a variety of options to parents to choose from.
It is the perfect gift for parents having toddlers in their house who have started to crawl or walk.


  • Ideal Anti-collision Protective headwear for toddlers
  • The design of the hat has a circular circumference that fits around the head that is joined by triangular pyramid straps, which provide safety to the head from all surfaces
  • This hollow design allows the hat to be breathable and prevents kids from feeling suffocated or warm
  • The smooth cotton fabric is lined with a sponge material from within that provides a padded cushioning effect
  • The cushioning effect makes the Hat shock-proof and prevents kids from having injuries, bumps when they fall down or knock against walls
  • The Hat can be further secured by a thin bind under the chin like a helmet
  • This Anti-collision Hat builds confidence in kids and encourages them to walk without any fear
  • perfect gift for parents who have hyperactive crawling or walking toddlers


  • Material: Cotton
  • Circumference: 44 – 58 cm
  • Design: Alphabets, Gray Stars, Blue Stars, Pink Teddy Bear, Blue Bunny, Pink Kitty, Strawberry, Pink Bunny, Happy Red Bunny, Lemon Candy & Hearts, Blue Kitty, Happy Blue Bunny, Pink Owls, Pink Candy & Hearts, Blue Candy & Hearts, Blue Owls, Starry Night, Blue Crown, Pink Crown, Colorful Apples, White Owls, Blue Cars, Brown Bears, Red & Blue Stars, Blue Teddy Bear

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Toddlers Anti-collision Protective Hat

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